TESTING: The Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 Carseat

I was lucky enough to be given this car seat when I was about to go on maternity leave.  I’ve seen other ‘impact shield’ models before like the Mamas & Papas Cybex, but I have to admit I’d never considered it. I was pleasantly surprised and the Kiddy Pro has suited us well.


On test: The Kiddy Guardian Pro 2

Group: 1,2,3

Weight: 9-36 kg

Age: 9 months – 12 years

Pros:  This light weight carseat is great if you need to transport your child in more than one vehicle.  We regularly transfer it from my car to dad’s car, to nana’s car to nanny Lane’s car and back again.

The seat is secured with a standard 3-point seat belt rather than us having to struggle with fitting an isofix every time.

The impact shield fits across Leos’ body so his arms are not restricted. It is upholstered  with comfortable, natural fabrics and doubles as play surface for travel toys.

Easily adjustable with a one-hand mechanism to suit Leo as he grows and keeps him snug and comfortable.

It has a good upright position for window viewing. This can easily be changed into a ‘snooze position’ for nap time. Dad has even managed to take a sleeping Leo out of the car whilst he is still in the seat!

Cons: Now Leo is getting older I sometimes have difficulty getting him to keep the impact shield in place before  I can secure it with the belt,  but we get there in the end. On a couple of occasions Leo has REALLY not wanted to be in his seat and has managed to slide himself down and get a bit stuck. Luckily, big sister was there to push him back into place, as I would have had to stop if she had not helped. This has only happened twice and I am told he’s a wriggler!

If Leo falls asleep without the ‘snooze position’ in place he can sometimes slump forwards and his head leans on the shield. But this doesn’t seem to bother him at all.

What the owners say: The kiddy guardian pro is an exceptional design that provides safety to your child from circa 9 months to 12 years. Exceptional safety standards combined with modern styling mean this seat easily meets the challenge of providing a growing child with safety and comfort in total competence.

Product shot: kiddyGuardianPro2 Price: Around £200. Site: www.­kiddy.­ukcom

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