Ode to creative mums!

Since having Leo it’s amazing how many mums I’ve come across who are not only fantastic mothers juggling busy schedules, but who are also putting their creative talents to good use by running small businesses and making extra cash via Facebook!

Lets face it the baby market is a big consumer business and I’m so impressed by the mums I know who have taken the leap and are producing beautiful, home-made products with the personal touch you don’t get from big companies.

As a salute to all the WAHM’s (Work At Home Mum) I’m sharing their amazing products for you to hopefully buy too:

Marni and Rose

This is the first FB business I came across via a uni friend. Marni has an ingenious way to make use of your baby’s first clothes which they grow out of so quickly.  As a new mum I was loathed to throw ANYTHING of Leo’s away (I still am). So what better way to cherish those tiny outfits than by turning them into a unique and handmade keep-sake bear. This little fellow sits proudly on Leo’s shelf and always reminds me of my amazing first months as a mummy.


Mamma Made That

I met Charlotte at my NCT classes. What I didn’t know is that she is an absolute wizard at crochet. Her business is quite new but from what I can see is already booming. She makes snoods, bears, blankets, dog coats and my personal favourite, beautiful personalised bunting in gorgeous, tasteful colours.


Scrabble Babble

A travel PR friend of mine not only has her own PR business, www.mcenroepr.co.uk, she has also just added another string to her bow with handcrafted, personalised and framed scrabble pictures.


Lastly, I also wanted to give mumsmeanbusiness.net a plug as it’s a local enterprise which brings working mums together to share experience,build relationships and gain inspiration.

So, that just leaves me to put on my thinking cap and find my niche – watch this space…

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