Your mission should you choose to accept is to be a Morrisons Mum!



Is this the start of cheaper supermarkets?

I’m sure you’ve noticed Morrison supermarket’s big advertising push during the last couple of weeks. Part of the publicity  has been to entice real mummy bloggers (me included) into their stores up and down the UK at the start of  their ‘I’m cheaper’ campaign.

#MorrionsMum brief: Armed with £80 of shopping vouchers (thank you Morrions) I was asked to do a bank holiday shop!  I must  take in the experience and compare food prices and quality with other leading brands.

So off Leo and I go on a sunny saturday morning with our shopping vouchers in hand. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the best food shopper, I rarely read deals properly, get very carried away and end up spending far much more than I intended. I have even programmed Leo to sit in his trolley seat and chant “stick to the list!” as we steam down the isles trying to get out as quickly as possible.

It is important I point out that due to our need to cut costs I have recently become an Aldi shopper.  I find the cost of products unbelievable but you do have to be a savvy in this store. Products like fresh meat, fish and vegetables are great, but others are not so. Therefore you can’t really do a full shop here. The shopping experience at Aldi is not fun, but I’ll come to that later.  Back to Morrisons…

Shopping Experience

I’m not going to get into the ins and outs of my whole shop apple by apple as I’m not sure this lends for good reading, however I will say compared to Aldi the experience itself was very pleasant. I have always liked the ‘Market Place’ style of Morrions and the deli food has  a ‘home cooked’ old school style which I find kind of comforting.  Many of the prices have come down to what I would say are on a par with Asda. The staff seemed very helpful and I have to give a particular shout out to Dawn our checkout operator who went out of her way to help me by changing my trolley choices for better deals, splitting my shop to save me money and telling me of all the good deals coming up in the future (and no she didn’t know I was a blogger). I’ve never encountered supermarket staff like her so Gravesend Morrisons if you’re reading this she’s defiantly employee of the month material!

Did I save money? Compared to Aldi it has to be a no. Compared to other supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsbury’s then it’s a YES I think so. I usually break supermarket experiences into three groups. If I’ve had a lot of freelance work then off to Waitrose we skip for our free coffee, empty, wide isles and grade A customer service. If we are counting the pennies we physch ourselves up for a trip to Aldi dressed in padded armour ready for when the check out staff lob our groceries at us with expressionless faces. Did you know the staff have to scan a certain amount of products an hour or a trap door opens and swallows them up forever! Generally we head for Asda or Sainsbury’s and in my humble opinion Morrions now sits comfortably at the top end of this group.

Shopping List Savings

I ended up going way over the £80 budget but I got a good trolley full. I was especially impressed with:

3 meats for £10.

The good selection of cheap fruit and vegetables much of which was 3 for £1.50 or just 69p.

I bought 2 reasonable bottles of Sauvignon Blanc for under £5 each

My 6p off per litre of fuel.

Lastly the cost of Meadow Park milk was just 84p for 2 litres (although apparently the farmers aren’t too happy about this but that is another story.)

 To sum it up

Will I head to Morrisons from now on? Out of the big 4, Asda, Sainsbury’s Tesco, and Morrions I will indeed try to head to Morrions. But I’m afraid when times are tough I can’t ditch Aldi just yet as these prices can’t be beaten.

Bank Holiday BBQ Picnic

Part of our mission was to enjoy some family meals courtesy of Morrisons. So on bank holiday Monday we headed down to our local park with a disposal BBQ for a lovely aftternoon of munching.






Thank you so much to Britmums and Morrisons for allowing us to take part in this event, it has been a lot of fun.


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