Little elves have moved in…


I first found this idea on one of my favourite blogs, Kate’s Creative Space, and have since been waiting for Leo to become the right age to understand the magic.

So this week, with just a paintbrush, a tester pot and  superglue I set to work on a little dolls house exterior door I  purchased online and turned into the entrance of our very own elves’ house and the start of some wonderful, make-belive play for both Leo and I.

What you need:  (Not a lot…)

I bought an inexpensive wooden door, teeny tiny letter-box and door knocker from Dolls House Parade on

A tester pot of wood paint, or any leftovers you might have

Superglue for the fixtures, as small fingers can be cumbersome when they are knocking on the elf door


And a little imagination…


I gave the door a few light coats of paint, and used a small artists brush for the fiddly bits. I then glued on the door furniture and that’s it!

I blue-tacked the door in place (although you may need superglue for this too) onto a wall by the skirting and told Leo some little friends had moved into his bedroom and that he’d better go and see if they were all settled in.

To my delight, Leo has totally embraced the imaginative play and is so happy to share his room with his elf and fairy family. He has since told me he can hear them having spaghetti for dinner, and brushing their teeth before bed and even saw one fly out of the window.

He has never woken up from a nap so easily when I told him they must have bought themselves a bike and that there were little presents left for him in the basket.

I’m hoping to play on this further and will invest in some extra props. The old fashioned bike came from a lovely dolls house enthusiast on ebay and I am looking into ideas for Halloween, maybe some cotton wool cobwebs and a plasticine pumpkin. I’ve also found a teeny tiny wreath for the festive season. I’m not sure who is enjoying this new world more Leo or me!


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