DIY Kristoff from Frozen costume


Much to his delight, my little man was recently invited to a Disney Frozen themed party. As soon as he saw the invite he declared he would be going as his favourite character, Kristoff. For those who might not know Kristoff is the male hero from the 2013 Disney hit, Frozen. According to Disney Wiki,   “he is a courageous mountain man that becomes the love interest of the fearless Princess Anna during her quest to find her sister Elsa the Snow Queen.” So as you can imagine he is the firm favourite of many male Frozen Fans.


But do you think I could find a suitable costume for a three-year-old boy? Nope! So I decided to make one myself using an over-sized grey fleece, fur trim, ribbon, and A LOT of bonding web.  It was relatively easy and I am very proud of the end result. Leo was also beside himself with excitement when I finished and the outfit has become a staple wardrobe piece post party as well.

This is how I made it: 

I bought the below second-hand, age 5 fleece from a charity shop on eBay for just £4 (inc postage) and cut off the sleeves.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 15.06.54







I then put the fleece on Leo and chalked where his shoulders finish and around his waist.

Next, I hand criss-cross stitched roughly with black embroidery thread along the shoulder lines.

From Hobbycraft, I bought 2 metres each of grey fur trim, maroon and purple ribbon, 1 metre of maroon fabric and my secret weapon, bonding web. 

Cut the bonding web the same size as what you want to stick down. Place it in between the two fabrics and lay a damp cloth on the top. Iron with a hot iron and that’s it. If you make a mistake you can pull it off and start again when the fabric is still hot and damp.

I attached fur trim with bonding web around the neck, arms and along the bottom on the insides of the fleece so two-thirds of it poked out. I made the executive decision not to cut the bottom into two curves like the character as I didn’t have enough fir trim and decided it would be too fiddly.

I did the same with the purple and maroon ribbon around the outside of the neckline, around the zip and along the shoulders, again with bonding web.

I presumed Leo would be doing a lot of running around at the party so thought it best to attach the waistband rather than make a separate piece for practical reasons.

I cut a length of fabric that fitted comfortably around the garment and about 5 inches wide. I folded the rough edges in on themselves and stuck them down with bonding web.

For the waistband trim, I looked for Nordic embellished ribbon but hit a dead end so made do with some purple ‘snowflake’ gifting ribbon also from Hobbycraft, left over from Christmas. Again, I attached this to the band with bonding web.   I did the same for two smaller pieces which would be the tie ends. Then I simply attached them starting with the tie ends placing the main sash on top with good old bonding web! For instructions on how to apply bonding web see below.

For the hat, I bought a grey  knitted style from a pound shop and sewed on a small black fork pom-pom.

Leo wore navy tracksuit bottoms and a blue long sleeved t-shirt underneath which we already had.

We had a great time at the party and Leo got lots of attention from the two dozen Queen Elsas and Princess Annas who were there.